Electric About to Be Shut Off Postponing Eviction Family with a 1 Year Old

Requesting: $500

Location: Sylvania, OH

Hello. My fiance and I have an almost one year old daughter. We've run out of options for help. I'm not even sure if this is the real deal, but it doesn't hurt to try. Our electricity will be shut off in our apartment either tonight or tomorrow if we don't make the payment of $168 and some change. The electric company won't give us anymore time to pay. We literally have $0.08 cents in our bank account right now because we had to pay as much as we could towards our already late rent. We still owe $394. We've been trying, but it's so hard to get out of the "late payment" circle. Every time we're finally able to pay for rent, it's due again immediately after. My fiance doesn't get enough hours at work and I stay home with our daughter while going to school online, which I may not be able to continue for a while until I'm able to pay off the rest of my bill. I'm trying to make something of myself that way my daughter doesn't ever have to go through something like this. I want her to have a secure life. We are afraid that if the electricity bill gets shut off, the eviction process will speed up.

We would use $168 to pay for the amount due to leave the electricity intact. The rest would go towards our remaining $394 late rent amount. We are young and don't have a lot of money to begin with, but we are trying to do what we can and what is best for our daughter. We just need help getting on the right track.

If we were to be helped, we would be forever grateful.

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