In a very rough spot in life...

Requesting: $300

Location: Keokuk, IA

I am a single mom that got oit of a very abusive relationship about 4 years ago. I suffer from major anxiety and depression disorder. More onset since the final abusive attack, where he bashed my head into a concrete wall. I need to get ahead and get my,medications straight. I would be using the generous donation to get medication and plenty of food for me and my kids. Since leaving my ex, he has caused a lot of unnecessary drama and complications in my life.

I need a serious break! I try everyday to do whats right by our Lord. Its the biggest struggle ive ever endured. The money would secure my illness with medication needed and food for my family.

I work full time and still struggle. I want more for my kids. I plan to move in the near future. Currently we live in a 2 room apartment and seems all money goes to that. I will also use some of the funds for my daughter to go to drivers ed. I just need one simple break to get ahead and situated. Please and thank you. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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