Homeless family in desperate need

Requesting: $300

Location: Lewisburg, TN

Hello, I am in need of help getting utilities turned on. My disabled husband and I have custody of our 8 year old grand daughter and can no longer stay where we are staying. I was receiving unemployment, but it is froze temporarily. My husband receives SSA & SSI. We used everything we have to get a house, now we need electric and water all by Friday and we have nowhere else to turn. We have called every church, but no one will help us. Please help us. Thank You, Lisa Hasty 951.842.1055

We need lights, water, and gas turned on. We have no fridge or stove either. We moved here to get custody of our grand daughter and receive no help. I have a BA and an AAS, and am very capable of working and will find a job soon, but right now, before Friday 2/6/15we need help quick or we loose our deposit on the house and we cannot afford to loose any money at this point. We just need a little help, please.

We do not want a hand out and really hate to ask for help, but we have no other choice. If some one could go to the utility companies and turn the bills on for us that would be a God send. If you can help in any way, we would appreciate it more than you could ever know.

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