Mother just past away, My brother and I are now homeless

Requesting: $300

Location: Washington, UT

My brother, my son and I need any kind of help possible to get on our feet after our poor mother ended her life while we were staying with her, helping her with her day to day living activities, as she was a very Ill woman and in a lot of pain. We will be able to get on our feet afterwards but are having a hard time (After funeral costs and all,) just finding a home at this point, with all the initial costs and all. I will be absolutely capable of being able to prove all of this if needed, as it is a horrific, probably uncommon sort of request. Anything helps!! Thank you!

My brother and I were temporarily staying with my mother, care giving for her as she was in such bad health she could not hardly get out of bed by herself because she had so much horrible pain. After almost 10 years of my mother being in such excruciating pain, and doctors unable to help her, without any notice, she ended her life. We are still waiting on the complete autopsy to find out exactly how it happened, but she did leave a note so we do know it was suicide, unfortunately. This has left my brother and I without a place to live. I had just started working a decent job just a short time before this happened so we just need some assistance getting on our feet and then I will be able to scrape by afterwards. The funeral costs alone have us completely without anything. I also have my 9 year old son with us. I am sure the lord is looking out for us, as he has watched over us and helped us hold ourselves together this far. Thank you.

Basically we just need enough money for an initial deposit, rent and utilities deposit on a apartment and possibly money for food, although food money is not a complete dyer need due to the care and share and food banks. Any little donation will help us tremenously! We do not have extended family to reach out to, as most people would normally do in this sort of situation. I am currently working a decent full time, long term job and will be capable of supporting us afterwards and while my brother looks for work. Any kind of help, even if it is just leads for employment for my brother, would help! Thank you! does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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