Requesting: $35

Location: Toledo, OH

Our services that are all free of charge are geared towards helping those who are homeless, those who are experiencing traumatic crisis situations in their life from high levels of stress, grieving over a loved one, those who need an encouragement support system in place, and those who need a boost of encouragement. We exist because people tend to manage trauma better when they have someone to help guide, direct, encourage, and listen to the individual when in a crisis situation. All of our services are free, forgiveness classes are online, chats are online, encouraging emails are done online, encouraging calls and letters are the only thing that is done off line. Because we are a family, non-profit, small, private organization we are in need of funding for our services.

Encouragement "Blossoms" Services has been around since 2006 helping mend the hearts of the broken hear-ted,we offer all services free of charge. Being that we are a small, family non-profit and want to keep our services free of charge, where only the family non-profit pay to keep the services going; our organization need help with non-religious meditation videos or DVDs, meditation music, a book of stamps, and large brown envelopes to send out to our clients please.

Many of our clients meditate over the phone with us, when we can manage to prepare DVDs, music, we mail the meditation out to our clients. Also, we send out encouraging letters,information, and Microsoft documents along with power points to our clients. What we need is non-religious meditation videos, and DVDs, meditation music, stamps, post card envelopes, and large envelopes. If you have any extra items and you can send the items to us, please do. One can always purchase meditation videos on Amazon for $5.56 each. A video in particular is called Maritza Meditation for beginners for this much that my clients use. Sometimes I purchase 6 of these videos for 36.00.

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