In the Process of Eviction

Requesting: $500

Location: Stockton, CA

Hi, My name is Kalan Smith! The maximum I was allowed to put was $500, but in all honesty, I need $1225 because I am 2 months behind on rent and am in the process of Eviction. I got into this situation because of a car crash. All I intend to do with the money is to pay the rent, so that I can continue looking for a job, and get back on my feet God Bless.

I moved out with my fiance because she was forced out by her parents. I could have stayed with mine, but I wanted to help her. I began working at a warehouse for a temp agency, and I worked so well that they hired me on to seasonal for $13 an hour. Things were going well until my fiance and I ended up in a car crash. Since I work a couple cities away, losing my transportation meant the loss of my job, I should have sought help sooner, but I hate to burden others with my problems. Not speaking up landed me in this situation of being 2 months behind on rent though. Now my fiance looks down on me and continues to strike me down whenever she gets the chance. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any help!

I know $1225 is a lot, but this is the exact amount that I have to pay for being 2 months behind. Paying this amount will give me enough time to find a job and continue paying instead of being evicted. All I can say, is..please help me, and thank you to whomever finds it in their heart to do this great favor! May God be with you! does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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