My Girls are Large for Their Age Need Clothing

Requesting: $500

Location: Hesperia, CA

I need money to buy my 2 elementary school girls clothes, they are larger than there age. They need uniforms for next year and rt now they need shoes more than anything. My rent is high and I use most of our income for rent and bills they keep asking me whey can I get them some shoes, so If I am not donated money to buy them clothes and Shoes I will except clothes for them and shoes that is all they want they are children and need these things WE will except whatever is donated to us. God Bless and Thanks Please help us in Jesus name.

We lost our house 4 months ago. We haven't financially recovered and we are struggling to make ends meet I have a part-time job just 25 hrs a week we are 4 in the family and I am the only one working and all of the income goes to being able to keep a roof over our head and food there is no extra and my kids have to suffer because of this I am trying but seems like we just cant make it.

Please help us my girls are big girls and even if I go to get donations the clothes are not for there sizes, They need shoes the soles are coming off my oldest wears a size 9.5 and she is only 10 and the other needs a size 5 or 6 in girls. they need uniforms for there school for next term they wear plus size and about a 181/2 size. I am going to be taking a training class this summer if I get the funding for the class so that I will get the certificate I need to make more on my job. Please help us it would be appreciated and my girls need this I don't ask for me but for them I am willing to sacrifice but they are kids and believe in my to take care of all their needs and I can't seem to rt now. Thank you does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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