Stomachs and gas tank empty!

Requesting: $75

Location: Dallas, NC

I am asking for help to buy gas and food to get my family through until June. I am asking for my husband, 2 children and myself. My husband is on disability and we had car trouble last week. We only have one car and we use it to get our kids to school and my husband to the doctor. We had to use what we had saved plus next weeks grocery money to get the car drivable. Any help received would immediately be used for groceries and gas.

This is not a recurring situation for us. I budget very strictly every month.There was just no other option this time. I have asked for 75 dollars but would be very grateful for any help. I just want to be able to feed my kids. I can go to a food pantry but that usually only provides two or three meals and I will not have money until June 3. All of our bills are paid and current,we just need food and gas ( or even just food).

Please, if anyone can help at all, I would be grateful. I have never had to worry about my kids being hungry (we have been blessed) and this is a very helpless feeling to have. We are usually the ones who donate and help others. If we can just make it until next month, we are going to start rebuilding our savings. If anyone can help with 75 dollars for food and gas, I promise to pay it forward. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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