18 year old female-homeless

Requesting: $450

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

I need $350 for a months rent, and the rest is for my needs. My parents ejected me, for no apparent reason, and I need major help. Money would be the 1st start. I am 18, and freshly out of high school. I am scared to death, and spent my graduation money on a motel, in a not so safe area.

I need the $450 soon, and would be willing to pay you back once i get a pay check. I have 2 kittens that belonged to a close friend that passed away. I cant get rid of them. I have begged my family to take me back, but they refuse. Please help me.

I need $450 soon, and will pay back my generous donator. The streets are not for a girl my age or with my young demeanor or looks (I look 12). I have meds i need to take as well.

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