I need a miracle :)I

Requesting: $500

Location: Athens, TN

Hi. I have been having a financial hardship due to not being able to work and losing a mate. My children and I were saved and baptized and I explained to my fiance that we cannot fornicate. I asked him to honor this for our family and he got upset and left us. He was the soul financial provider. Child support has "finally" started to come in. I worked very hard to get the child support payments enforced. It is still not enough to pay everything. I have health issues. I am expected to travel to Knoxville Tn. to University of Tn. Cancer Institue which is an hour drive away. I have a 1991 toyota that is not in good shape and takes alot of gas. I do not have existing family to help me. I am 2 months in arrears for my house payment.

I am asking for assistance because I have done everything I know to do to do everything on my own. I was ashamed @ first to ask for help but I know that a Godly mother will ask for help to do the appropriate thing for her children. :)

I am requesting assistance for my house payment. I want to stay in our house that we made a home. I need 700.00 but I understand that 500.00 is max assistance. How appreciative I would be for anything :) I hold my head high for what morals and values I have made for the children and I. I just dont want the children to feel punished for possibly having to relocate due to my financial hardship that is honestly a circumstance beyond my control. I am humble for your time of reading my letter. May God bless you, always :)

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