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Requesting: $225

Location: Concord, NC

Hi, I am a married mother of three. I writing today to tell you a little about my situation. We moved here about 7 months ago and we were excited because our rent would be cheaper than where we lived before and all we had to pay was our car payment, insurance, rent, phone, and power( water & power on same bill) which was great because my husband is the only one working. After a great couple months we started having problems with our heat. we told the landlord, and he came over and put us on emergency heat until he could find someone to fix it. that was for 2 days. After the heat was fixed we then received a power bill the next month total an outrageous $1356.00. I was shocked and I knew we could not pay that bill, so I went to the power company and they said I could be put on a 6 month power bill arrangement. Well, i agreed because I had no choice. Now each month our power bill is our regular bill (around $350.00) plus arrangement ($268.00) which total over $600.00 every month. that more than a car payment and almost as high as rent. At this point we have lost our car and became behind on rent trying to make sure this gets paid. I had to make a payment last week and after i bought groceries, I didnt have enough to cover the bill, so I payed what i could. Now I fear that our power will be shut off because the payment was short $225.00. I had to feed my family I didnt know what else to do. I am not a person that asks for help like this, but this experience has been so scary for us, and we are just looking into all options. If anything it helps the anxiety to be able to get all this off my mind. Thank you so much for letting me share my story!

I have pretty much explained all in the paragraph before this one but I will say this, I am usually the one helping, I adore helping people and have read some of these request on here and my heart just sinks because I know that right now I cannot help ( except prayer for you all). I only need the specific amount of $225.00 to help cover the remainder of my power bill arrangement. I know we all have needs and I know that there are worse situations than my own so I say this to everyone struggling out there. "There may be pain in the night, But joy comes in the morning" God Bless and thank you

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