In Need

Requesting: $500

Location: Greenville, SC

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I'm a single mother with 5 children that's in the process of having to move. I'm really trying to come up with the deposit money to move. It's really hard trying to work and take care of my babies. In desperate need.

My ac unit went out In June and was out for a whole month so instead of paying my rent I was getting rooms so my children and I would not be hot it was 98 degrees in our home. So because I didn't pay rent my landlord filed eviction we went to court I had all my receipts and all. The judge asked the landlord if I was able to pay the June rent would they accepted it she said no they are not going to stop the eviction and the judge gave me to the 27th of this month to be out I went and talk to the landlord she is giving me till the 31st to be out. I have a new place I just don't have all the money to move in.

Please If you can find it in your heart to help me and my babies I would be so grateful and thankful. I can give the landlord the money so he can give me the key to the new place before we are on the streets. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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