please help


Chestertown, NY
need financial help very sick unable to work soon to be homeless out of options and scared !!! i;m currently on chemotherapy and now doc ordered oxygen i'm ashamed to ask but really in trouble.Anything would help thank god i am able to get medical assistance but need to keep roof over my head. i am not a scammer nor was i lazy worked till i got sic...More

Light bill help please!!!!


Thomaston, GA
I am currently a unemployed student and mother of 2.... I work through temp agencies when I can and lately haven't been sent to any kind of job. I really need help with my light bill for the month with the late fee it's now $149. Is there anyone that can help me please?...More

Single mother with newborn needs help


Chandler, AZ
I am not one to ask for help but I cannot not ask as I now have someone else I am responsible for. I was on bed rest and had a c-section which caused me to get behind in rent. I need to catch it up or we will be homeless. I am trying everything I can to catch up. Any help will go directly towards the rent. If you can help it will truly be appreciat...More

Need help with security deposit


Daytona Beach, FL
In need of desperate help, i am a single parent originally lost my place due to foreclosure. I was paying rent with no knowledge of this, until i received noticed i had to move. I have stayed in motels with my son who is 15. I do work and we have found a home but short 300, we do not have friends or family as i was a foster child growing up....More

Need help getting my lights turned on


Church Hill, TN
I'm needing with 430$ for light deposit...More

Disabled mother of 2 in a bad situation


Bartow, FL
I'm single mother of 2, a teenage daughter and infant son, suffering from 2 physical disabilities. We are living with family members but the issue is that the house isn't safe for my baby son. My son's father isn't around now and we need better accommodations, the baby can't hardly get down to play due to hairy, black mold, roaches and way too many...More

I need food.


Tallahassee, FL
Hello I really need food. I been working part time it not enough hour. All are empty food in house. I need it because there no foods. What do with money go to grocery buy real foods ....More

Mom of 3 Starting over, Left abusive Relationship


Summerville, SC
I despratly need help with water(it's shut off)and daycare. I'm a single mother of 3 Beautiful AMAZING children, we are starting over after I finally had the courage to end a 3 year long relationship with a Abusive addict. I lost my job of 3 years all my savings and the majority of any possesions worth value in the last year....More

I need a Blessing


Richmond, VA
Hello, I'm in dire need of if a blessing to help pay for rent. I was diagnosed with alot of underlying illnesses that are way beyond my control, which has put me out of work for quite q while. At the age of 41 I have been through 12 surgeries, and 8 endoscopies. I try to keep my head up for my children but I'm getting tired with my health going dow...More

I'm a widow with three kids and a grandbaby


Lakeland, FL
My husband died three years ago and I pretty much been struggling ever since. He had Sickle Cell Disease. I work full time, take care of my three kids and grandson....More