young grandmother in a crisis!!!

I have 7 days to move or myself, daughter,and 3 grandbabies are on the street. I was dating a good man, or so I thought, anyway after a year of dating him we found a cute house for me and he remodeled it halfway for me and the kids to live in.. Well low and behold he has a wife,come to find out, and she found out about the house and us and I knew n...More

divorced and struggling


Lapeer, MI
my name is briana i am 27 and recwntly divorced, this ruined my credit and i am currently living in a house without utilities as i cannot afford to have them connected....More

Mother of 5


Hankinson, ND
Recently resigned from my job because my oldest child went to job corp, he was my babysitter but i was taking away from his education, looking for assistance with gas to get to wahpeton food...More

single teen mom


Lenoir, NC
I am 21 and expecting a babyat the end of July I haven't been able to seek employment due to low b availability in my community and no transportation to get a job far off. I am ddue in 8 wks and I still need a car seat diapers wipes and could use more clothing I have very little and I have bought what I could afford and took handy downs from friend...More

Short on rent


Mcdonough, GA
Hi my name Ebony l've live in McDonough for a year. I'm late on my rent due to my hours being cut at work and after taxesand paying insurance I'm not seeing enough money for my rent I have 3 kids and I do still have to buy food for my house cause I don't qualify for any assistance. I plan on putting any money I get towards my rent....More

Please Help in need...


Moss Point, MS
My husband myself and 2 kids sre new to the area he drives everyweek to another state to work.Last week we incountered some financial problems.This pay check went all to rent.We need food they cut our food stamps off because they said he made to much we were barley making now we arent all because we dont have the extra(food stamp) I need a bed for ...More

Single mom eviction


Tucson, AZ
My name is Sarah, I am a single mom to a 3 year old girl who loves life. She is my everything, my rock....More

Help to prevent homelessness


Lacey, WA
We're a family of 3 looking to try and find a stable place for us all to live. We will be using the money to put towards a new place and could use all the help we can get. We are currently being evicted from our place of residency because of lack of understanding with the office at our place. I myself have been trying to play catch up with the rent...More

3 kids me and my wife can't make the rent or get gas to work


Denver, CO
Well me and my wife work with road construction we are flagger and with the past 2 crazy colorado weeks the weather has effected our work schedule and cut our hours in half so now we pay a weekly room and we don't have enough to make ends meet .what I plan to do with the money is pay rent up and put gas in the truck so we can make it to the kids sc...More

Homeless Mother seeking HELP!


Saint Ann, MO
Hi I'm a 25 year old single mother who just left an abusive relationship, forced to leave my home with my year old son. We had to leave most of our belongings behind and the only money i had put away was taken by my abuser. Now me and my son are seeking shelter and I am looking for childcare for my son so that I can find work and get us back into a...More