Baby Needs


Waynesboro, VA
Im looking to borrow $100.00 because my 2 youngest children need diapers and formula. Every month towards the end of the month i get in this bind. My son only gets 7 months of similac on wic a month. He has drunken all of that and the wic isn't refilled til the 5th of every month....More

Im in desprate need of help


Upland, CA
In need of help with rental assisstace. Please anything will help. I am single mother if 3 kids and ready to get evicted . Please don't hesitate to help me and my family in this time of need....More

Good family needs a little help


Sarasota, FL
My family and I relocated to Sarasota for a better life from California. I was supposed to start a new job shortly after ariving that ended up falling through. We have been doing side work and getting help from family back in California to keep a good over out heads most nights and food in our children's stomachs. Things are starting to look bett...More

Hi im in need of rental assistance beause im being evited and


Memphis, TN
I need 725.00 for my rent but anything would help an would appreciate it because me and my 4 boys are being evicted out of our home do to a some outstanding fines I been paying so I wouldn't be incarnated.... I had to pay them or be incarnated now that I'm paying my fines I have gotten off track with my rent if I can get some help I can get b...More

You can go home but you can never come home


Newnan, GA
Hello newnan ladies and gentlemen I have recently moved back home and I need help with food and shelter....More

Single mom, 3 kids!!!


Slidell, LA
Hi I am a single mom of 3. I'm needing a little help with rent this month. My children's father and significant other of 10 years just decided he was going to leave. He never wanted me to work and to stay home with the kids so I'm behind on bills....More

I'm 25 have two daughters and could really use a hand


Four Oaks, NC
Beds dressers and furniture...More

desperate for power bill help


Tazewell, VA
hello my husband and i are in need of power bill help. we need the money to pay towards the power bill that we owe. we got into this situation because iam disabled and my husband is unemployed at the moment but am trying to find a job. we intend to pay whatever donations we can get towards the power bill....More

Newly Engaged. Newly Loss of a Family Member


Phoenix, AZ
We are a newly engaged couple (as of 12/25/2016) who after living in a weekly for the past 2 years, finally found a house to rent in the area. We moved in near the end of last month, which after pro-rated rent and deposits we paid for, left us flat broke. But it didnt matter because now we have our home!...More

Need help soon!!


Dublin, VA
I need $170.00 for my light bill. I'm on SSI and my daughter works but she got hit by a car and missed a week of work. All money will go on lights....More