Help me plant a Harvest!!!!


Detroit, MI
Hi ,my name is Kimberly, and I am a 47 year old disabled white female. I am currently staying na kind of halfway house for medical released Parolees! Unfortunately, I went to prison for one year for drunk driving I am trying to rebuild my life. While I'm staying in this house I am trying to build new skills therefore I am attempting to build or pla...More

Single Mum with 3 Children


Hello, I'm am requesting help for my family in order to help pay our expenses as we are currently homeless as a result of an auto accident, then losing my job and ultimately losing our home. I intend to pay the insurance needed on our car that we've been sleeping in, to avoid repossession. The remainder will be used for food, gas, laundry and more ...More

Desperate need of some help to keep a roof over my families head


Killeen, TX
The reason I'm asking is to pay my rent and keep my lights on an also turn my water back on. I normally don't ask for help but I'm desperate I cant lose my home I need this roof over my head so I can continue caring for my disabled brother. I got into this situation after losing my job due to lising my car I've been applying for a new job but Kille...More

Facing Eviction and Need Help ASAP!


Jenks, OK
Hello, I am seeking help due to me having knee surgery and unable to return to work until May. I am a hard working single parent who have helped family members in dire situations involving DHS and now it's me that is in need of saving a home for myself, children, and neices. If I lose my home my neices will go into DHS custody due to aa domestic vi...More

We have recently moved to Cullman and would Appreciate Any Help


Cullman, AL
I am full time care giver for my Mom. We moved here a few weeks ago and we didn't bring one bed due to the condition being "beyond worn out". We are in desperate need of a bed at this time....More

Electric shut off due to the loss of job. Any help would be appreciated.


Saint Louis, MO
I am a mother of 2 great kids who works at a department store and I am in need of assistance for my electric bill,which is currently shut off. My husband lost his job at the beginning of the year and is having a hard time finding employment. He was the primary earner for our family and without his income we have fallen behind on the bills. My inco...More

I'm a mother of 4 in need of help with water bill and food .


Christiansburg, VA
We were staying in a hotel, even spent Christmas in the hotel. Found a place big enough and was supposed to recieve my sons SSI backpay which would have got me caught up with the bills after moving. But still have not recieved it and am a month behind in my bills but my water bill worrys me the most. I am trying my hardest but just cant seem to get...More

Single mother of three living without electricity due to recent job loss


Coats, NC
Hello and thank you for reading, I am a mother of three young children that just lost my job at Wendy's. We could barely stretch our money to cover the bills and last week I lost my job and it was a choice between buying food for my children or paying the light bill....More

Set out....No phone..!? Shelters???


Charleroi, PA
Wife set me out. Not from here. Wanna get back to MD or anywhere close. Have $20 wanna get a room but short n lost ID. Homelss shelter around. Just for 1 night. N a phone call...??? PLEAS...More

Help I need a place to live of my own


Oskaloosa, IA
On Jan 4th I had surgery on my shoulder it's been a real Hard going back to work in a couple of weeks so I will have my income I am asking for help cause I got d A place I can afford but don't have deposit and first month's rent can I get some help please...More