money to use to get a round trip to Oregon and file for emergency custody


Stockton, CA
I'm in desperate need of money to use to get a round trip to Oregon and file for emergency custody of my children. Their father has them temporarily until i am back on my feet but I just found out the DA is investigating him for child molestation and I need to go get them....More

On the road to recovery


Wagoner, OK
July 15 I fell and broke my arm and wrist. I've already had one surgery and will have another October 6...More

Mom needs assistance with utility please


Cottondale, FL
Need help with utility bill, recently my son the bread winner decided to resign from his state job and join the military....More

I need 960.00 to maintain place to live and lights. 550 rent 410.00 lights


Jacksonville, FL
I am a 55 year old woman in need to pay my electric of 410.00 due January 21st or I will have no lights. And my landlord will start the eviction process if I do not pay my rent of 550.00 asap. If I can get this done, I will make sure I do not get in this situation again....More

Me an my husband have 3 children he is the only one able to work right now


Pontotoc, MS
i got laid off of work right before Christmas. Of course no one will talk to you about work at that time of year. We struggled through an thanks to family members the kids had a Christmas. But now with my husbands work being slow we having trouble paying bills. I want to look for work an can't cause the gas we have he has to have. I hope someone ou...More

Rent Help/Working poor


Lilburn, GA
We are a family of 5. We have struggle to pay the rent since I changed jobs. Rent is 1350.00 with 65.00 late charge. We always have to pay 1427.00. We got behind on the rent and can not get caught up. We hardly every have food and unable to afford both. If we buy food and pay the in house bills we can not pay rent. If we pay the rent we do not eat...More

Hard working mother of 2


Saint Petersburg, FL
I have gotten behind on my rent and utility bills I'm doing my best to pay I work two jobs and are barely making ends meet. A few months ago my rent was stolen out of my top drawer and making that up I have not recovered since. The father of my children was laid off back in October and I have not been able to catch up. We have A5 month old son toge...More

Single father struggling to make a better life for my 8 year old son


Garden Grove, CA
A few months back me and my son's mother decided to try something new and move to Utah with her mother things were going fine as far as I know until we decided to come back to Cali for a visit my son's mother dropped us off at a friend house while she went to run some errands and never returned I've sense taken custody of my son but I am in fear of...More

In need


Decatur, AL
I am in need of $200 to finish paying my light bill so that my son doesn't have to experience no electric.any money I receive will go directly to my utilities.I got sick and had to take time off work and I've fallen desperate for help....More

Single parent with no food or foodstamps or money


Brunswick, GA
Hello my name is sandrell bishop I have 3 teenager's I'm from Florida but we moved here in may to start over I was in a bad abusive relationship left to start over I'm not working n I haven't been getting my food stamps I been struggling to take care of my kids by myself the money I do get I use it for bills n to feed them when I can I just need a ...More