I need help with my utilities please


Jackson, OH
I need a little help with my utilities they are about to be shut off, please help if you can. Thank you....More

husband and dad...utilities got tuned off today.


Independence, MO
My job/career has slowly been on the decline for the last two years. I thought "persevering" was the answer...but today they turned off our gas and I do not know where else to go. The bill is almost $500. Thank you for any help....More

Please help my baby girl and me


Salem, VA
I need help with my rent, I have never been in this spot before and I absolutely hate it! My rent is due on the 29th....More

Home fire request help to move belongs need uhaul


I am a female 30 yrs of age surviving my second year at Butte College and living as a live-in nanny. My mum has health issues that have escalated and is incapable of making decisions. Typically, I visit weekly. Our bank certainly sent letters of forgotten mortgage payments, that were due. However, my mum's memory not good. I had no idea what was ...More

Need rent assistance before my kids and i are homeless. Please help!


Gulfport, MS
I am a single mother of three and had issues finding a job after i has my daughter which is now 2 months old. I just recently got a job but now my apartment is trying to evict me because i dont have the money for rent. Any money donated will go straight to rent as soon as it is recieved....More

Working family of 6 in need of help


Clermont, FL
We are struggling to make it. One of our children has down syndrome and her medical bills and copays on medication has been crippling us. We are out of groceries and neither myself or my husband gets paid for over a week....More

Urgent help with utilities


Bethel, CT
I never thought I would beg for money but after getting scammed by someone, I pretty much lost everything and got behind on bills. I was forced into bankruptcy 2 years ago and have slowly building up. I was forced to take tribal payday loans at high interests. That caused more problems....More

Hi, I am a single mom of two, Was taken advantage of


Phoenix, AZ
Hi, I am a single mom of two. I am months behind on all bills. I Help two others put together a practice. During that time I didn't take money from them and lived off my savings. I worked there every day. It was a total of five months when I came down to my last dime in savings. The money for the business kept coming in and yet they still insisted ...More

Need power on for my daughter and myself


Jacksonville, FL
We moved here with the expectation of having a place to stay until I got into my apartment we are now staying in a motel and my apartment will be ready soon but I need the deposit for my electricity bill. I am here with my six-year-old daughter and I just want to provide stability for her my deposit is 300 but I have no way of getting around so I ...More

Don't know what to do scared and stressing out my mind..


Broken Arrow, OK
Had surgery and was unable to finish paying what i owe on my rent missed a week of work do to my surgery needing some help to figure out how i can get my rent paid...More