Mother of 4 Kiddos Please Help


Humble, TX
My first time ever doing something like this but I'm at the point to where I'm in desperate need ..Hurricane Harvey and My Mother recently having a stroke causing me to spend whatever xtra money i had left to travel down to Austin Tx to be by her side this past weekend...More



Laurel, MD
I am a single mother of 1, who is has fallen into a financial bind. I do my best to my child has a place to stay and food to eat. I got behind on my BGE bill and couldn't afford to pay the amount they wanted me to pay, so I am now hit with a turn off notice as of 9/20. Anything will help me at this point, and I would really appreciate it. Thx u!...More

Mom of 4 needs help with electric bill and food.


Scottsville, VA
Hi, I'm writing today to ask for help with electric bill and also food for my family. I have gotten behind due to my kids father stopped paying child support I take care of a elder person but that income alone isn't enough as I count on his payment every month to help with the kids expenses. Trying to do it on my own is overwhelming ....More

Family Of Six in Need


Richmond, VA
My husband myself and four children have relocated to Virginia from West Virginia for my husbands new job at comcast. We have a place to live but need furniture for the home. We have no beds and no table to eat dinner at together as a family. I am new to the area so I am not sure where to find the help that we need. I do not want money donations I ...More

I need some groceries.


Athens, GA
Hello. I need some groceries. I spent my last bit of my ssi check to buy food and when the storm came in I lost power for a few days and had to throw out my cold foods....More

Rent Assisstance


Indianapolis, IN
Hello, In August I was laid off a month early from my contract with a great company with the hopes of going full time. Since then I've been searching high and low for a new job that's going to support my wife who only works part time and our son who's only 4 months old. Luckily I found a new job but it's too late since we're now facing eviction...More

Family of 3 with 3 year old


Murrells Inlet, SC
we are a small family of 3 with a 3 year old. we were leaving in a hotel we got our self's together got jobs and moved into a nice place with 2 roommates. our rent is 1000.00 and utilities electricity and water is around 300.00. we were doing great for about 4 months. then our room mates proceeded to sneak there stuff out the house with out us know...More

A little help til payday


Douglasville, GA
I am currently in need of financial help to pay a bill and buy some necessities until payday. I recently started a new job and won't see a full check until next month. My first two are owed back in loans from friends and family and I've exhausted my resources. I was a stay at home mom for 12 years and my husband walked out on us a few months ago le...More

Hard Times


I am 54, lost my job, disabled and fell behind in monthly bills. I just need a helping hand to help me get back on my feet. I live alone and have no family in the state I live in. I have worked my whole life and its not easy to ask for help however asking is better than losing everything I have. It would be much appreciated thank you....More

We're trying


Gallatin, TN
My husband and I are struggling. He hurt his back at work so he's been having to take time off to go to the doctors which is cutting into our already stretched tight check. I got a job but it won't start until the end of the month. Our electric bill is due the 20th and we just don't have the money to pay it. We are trying our best but with a 10 mon...More